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“Kindness & Money goes side by side,one is incomplete without the other”.

Great things never comes from comfort zone”.

“Animals will only grow in their animality during their life but human being can reach unprecedented heights with just one thought”.

“True definition of life is Struggles, Challenges,Success & Failures”.

“A Human Being fights alone , heals alone. Family & Friends only plays supporting role”.

“Communication reflects the thought process of mind”.

“Impossible is only for those who never tried it once”.

“True words, True smile,True love have warmth and healing power”.

Beyond the boundaries lies the success”.

Trust is built by being pleasant & polite.”

Simplicity & Modesty, Patience & Perseverance, Compassion & Courage have lethal combination when applied”.

Maryam Ihsan

An Accountant find interests in expressing her thoughts with a mix of content in stories & quotes about any topic that runs through her mind.

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